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American Agricultural Law Association

The American Agricultural Law Association (AALA) is a national organization related to agricultural law in the U.S.  It was founded in 1985.  It is concerned with the legal needs of the agricultural community in the U.S.

The AALA has over 500 members all over the U.S.  Students, academics, and legal professionals are associated with AALA and work on meeting the legal needs of the national agricultural community.

The AALA takes the role of an independent non-political forum for the analysis and resolution of issues in agricultural law.  It conducts research to find practical solutions for complex agriculture problems.  The role played by AALA is very important considering the current international and environmental issues reshaping agriculture and in light of the technological advances which have and will continue to dramatically change the field of agriculture.

Additionally, AALA publishes various articles during the year which are of use to its members and beneficiaries.  “The Agricultural Law Update” is an important publication among them, which is a monthly newsletter containing short reports and summaries of important developments in agricultural law.  The articles are written by specialists in particular fields.  The topics range from natural resources law, government regulations, farm programs, agricultural labor law, cooperatives, environmental issues, taxation, finance and credit, seed and plant issues, small farm issues, farmland protection, congressional activity and other agricultural topics.  The Agricultural Law Update also provides bibliographies of published agricultural law articles.

Another publication of AALA is the annual law review agricultural law symposium.  The AALA also publishes a membership directory which lists the AALA members, contact information, and areas of law they practice.  The publications are distributed to members electronically and by mail.  All AALA members are permitted to submit articles on the agricultural law developments in their area.

The AALA is a partner of the National Agricultural Law Center, a well known American provider of agricultural and food law research and information.  Both institutions operate the U.S. Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog and the AALA Agricultural Law Listserve.  The U.S. Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog is designed to provide up to date news on research and information to the nation’s agricultural community. The Blog covers more than three dozen subject areas[i].

The AALA conducts two day annual educational conferences that provide tremendous opportunities for professional growth.  Topics cover different areas of agriculture; traditional as well as advanced areas are covered.  Issues in agricultural biotechnology, environmental law, international trade issues, and the impending technological advances reshaping agriculture are examples of what is covered in the educational conferences.


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